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Transforming While Performing: Building Out Technical Teams & Knowledge in Times of Change
With 81% of enterprise companies poised to face some level of difficulty in attracting and retaining tech talent over the next year, companies are facing a significant challenge: how to maintain business continuity during times of digital transformation while faced with talent retention difficulties?

Today, nearly all companies recognise the importance of digital transformation for competitive advantage and enhancing customer experiences. However, without a team of specialised technical talent to build these modern, scalable solutions while modernising the internal processes needed to sustain these changes, many companies are struggling to maintain performance while transforming.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

•How to hire and retain tech talent?
•Building an internal culture of innovation for technical talent
•How working with a digital partner can help companies who are struggling to hire top tech talent
•Top tips for companies struggling to successfully undergo digital transformations

We will be joined by:

•Helene Haughney, VP Delivery & Engineering, NearForm
•Bret Cunningham, Head of Strategy & Product, NearForm
•Sonya Hogan, Technical Director, NearForm


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